14 Ways to Transform your Talent into Profit (Part 2)

14 Ways to Transform your Talent into Profit (Part 2)

As an innovator, technical expert and/or visionary you probably ask yourself every day: What do I need today to come closer to realizing my vision — solving tough technical challenges while also making my invention dominant in the marketplace? How can I turn my talent into profit? Note from the Executive Director:  This is the second… Continue Reading

Imagine – Winning Conversations with Investors

Imagine – Winning Conversations with Investors

*See download link at the bottom People have difficulty asking for money. You shouldn’t. We don’t. We’re the academy for entrepreneurs led by investors. Our mission is empowering innovators that will change the world. Intellivesity has prepared a short eBook that equips you how to have winning conversations with the right investors. There is no… Continue Reading

Winning Over Investors

Winning Over Investors

What it Takes to Break Through the Status Quo         In this article we will discuss the realities of the current state of finding investors and present a solution to the status quo: – Imagine the Possibilities  – Disruptive Insight – The Reality – The Unsafe Status Quo – But Take Heart… Continue Reading

SpaceX and Elon Musk’s Secret Weapon

SpaceX and Elon Musk’s Secret Weapon

Original post 5/28/2012 In the news this week is the breathtaking achievement of SpaceX (aka Space Exploration Technologies) — the private space transportation company in Southern California whose Dragon spacecraft has just docked with the International Space Station.  This is the first privately developed and owned spacecraft to achieve earth orbit and service the space station. … Continue Reading

Sheryl Sandberg – The Real Secret to Facebook’s Success?

Sheryl Sandberg – The Real Secret to Facebook’s Success?

With the $10 billion IPO, company valuation of about $100 billion, Mark Zuckerberg latest legendary gazillionaire, etc.   So we’re going to take a closer look at what’s behind this success story, whether you admire it or not.  The truth is truly interesting and applicable to your business ambitions and your investments. Don’t read this book.  Even though… Continue Reading

Put the Fun back in Funding

Starting your own business and getting startup business funding may seem like running an obstacle course blindfolded.

What if the blindfold were off and you could see the way? Once you know the way, you can dash forward and win. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Intelliversity, a 501(c)3 non-profit, helps founders master the rules of the game and access the startup business funding you need -- making your dreams of income, independence and impact come true.

We serve you the Vision Master -- inventor, scientist, maker, developer, founder, entrepreneur, innovator. The world needs your brilliance and vision. You need funding to make your vision a reality. So let’s get at it.

Consider this site a guide to financing. You’ll find inventive and often contrarian guidance for gaining access to startup business funding.

That’s our passion and purpose.

Ready to go?

Everything is free right now. Our site is your site. To get started: download one more free eBooks that interest you. If you haven’t yet launched your business, we recommend beginning with “So You’re Thinking about Starting a Business.”

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Only 3% of companies seeking capital receive it within a year.

This engaging guide shows how to increase the odds in your favor.


Winning Conversations With Investors