You are a Vision Master

You’re looking forward to making a difference for the world, your family and your legacy. 

 Raising capital is a barrier to success.  It’s an uncharted wilderness where you're not in control.

The journey begins

The Journey Begins

You suddenly realize you've GOT to gain control. 

How do I connect to investors so they hear my message? 

It’s a treacherous balancing act. 

And if you fail, no funding. 


Raising capital isn't easy.  Investors give you the run-around. Why?  What do they really want?

  Why does the money go to long-shots
rather than folks like me? 

It shouldn’t be so hard.

are investors demons

Are investors possessed?

They’re often arrogant and seem like they don’t care. 

You realize they’re possessed by fears - fear of losing money, fear of losing face, fear of missing the boat.

Maybe they NEED control because of their fears. 

You find a guide

This guide cares and has a plan.

He’s an investor and knows the investor mind.

He knows how to beat their demon fears.

And he knows how to ensure
you appear as the leader they trust.

your guide
guide walks with you

We walk with you

We bear the weight with you; we fight for you.

You learn exactly what investors think, how to anticipate and control their thoughts. 

And having walked with you,
our recommendation is trusted.

You gain TRUE investor access

You are the hero again

You have new levels of confidence. 

You know how to access the minds of investors.
You understand what’s in their heads,

You know how to make them listen and trust you. 

You’re in command.

the hero
intel allies

Investors are now your allies

Investors see you as the leader that makes them money.

Your funding chances and valuation skyrocket.

With capital in hand, Yor future you can get to work.

Here are your next steps to raising capital:

Watch the Intro Video

This brief video takes you through the formula for being an entrepreneur that investors trust and invest in.

Pitch Your Vision to Rob

Tell Rob your story!  You will receive valuable insight from an investor and someone who has heard hundreds of pitches.

Choose your path

You have options.  Pick the best choice for you.

Complete your training program

You are recognized by investors as a trusted leader who can make them money.

Fund your vision

Congratulations, you have investor access! Fuel your dreams.  Realize the benefits your vision produces. 

raising capital - reached the top of the mountain

Partner Companies

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Accountability Pays
Top Notch CEO
Business Power Tools
P5 Marketing

If this sounds exciting to you


Our Promise

You will know how investors think even if they don't tell you.
You'll anticipate their thoughts and channel them.
You will have a plan to launch or scale that investors respect.
You will feel confident pitching investors.
Investors will trust you.
Investors will talk about you positively behind your back.
Investors recognize you as the leader who always makes them money.
You will know how to avoid losing control to investors.
You gain true investor access.

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