Not-Elon Musk roast hero

The Not-Elon Roast

By Robert Donnell / December 15, 2020

Elon Musk recently made a stratospheric jump to being one of the top-five billionaires in the world. It’s only fitting that he be welcomed (roast style) by some of his compadres, Vision Masters Not-Jeff Bezos and Not-Mark Zuckerberg. The other two, Not-Bill Gates and Not-Bernard Arnault could not be reached for comment. We hope you […]

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Zuckerberg on Facebook

NOT Mark Zuckerberg

By Robert Steven Kramarz / November 17, 2020

As always there are Key Takeaways at the end of each interview. These are important because our interviews are with ULTRA successful people and their “coaching” can be worth millions. BUT read the first interview so that the takeaways are in context. They will be more impactful. NOT Mark Zuckerberg InterviewAbout our interviews. So far, […]

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Project Jericho

Project Jericho Health Diplomacy

By Robert Steven Kramarz / November 16, 2020

Press Releases # 1 Press Release Announcement of Jericho Project #2 Jericho Center of Medical Diplomacy to Screen and Treat Breast Cancer in the Middle East (Press Release #2 on LinkedIn – please comment and share!)   Video Transcript   Welcome to the new world of progress, mutual respect, and good health. This is possibly the […]

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not-warren buffett

The Not-Warren Buffett Interview

By Robert Steven Kramarz / October 27, 2020

Key Takeaways: Pitch like you are pitching to Warren Buffett Focus on management and the 5-10 years trends in your favor Be sure you have a well-balanced team – Vision Master and Execution Master   Our Not interview series focuses on Vision Masters vs. Visionaries. A Vision Master is often both. No innovation comes to […]

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Not-Jeff Hero Image

The Not-Jeff Bezos Vision Master Interview – Billion Dollar Insights

By Robert Steven Kramarz / October 12, 2020

  There may just be some billion-dollar coaching here. How often do you get to interview the richest person in the world? Today, we spent 15-minutes with Not-Jeff Bezos on the topic of raising capital. There aren’t too many people that can offer more insight than a guy worth 175 billion dollars. His vision changed […]

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The Not-Bill Gates Interview – Vision to Vision Mastery

By Robert Steven Kramarz / September 28, 2020

Today’s Not interview is with Not-Bill Gates. Talk about a guy who broke all the molds that typically lead to success! Here’s a guy that drops out of college and goes on to found the world’s largest software company and goes on to be the richest person in the world (for all but four years) […]

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Not Steve Jobs Hero Image

The Not-Steve Jobs Interview

By Robert Donnell / September 16, 2020

Steve Jobs is the second Vision Master (those that MAKE vision reality) in our “Not” interview format. Via these interviews, we bring you some of the (replicable) footprints of brilliance they leave as they pass thought life. Our interview today, with Not-Steve Jobs, shows us the critical nature of the Vision Master’s choice of Execution […]

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NOT-Elon Musk Interview Part 3 — The Women in His Life

By Robert Steven Kramarz / September 9, 2020

In our experience, not many people, even innovators, rate three interviews. But NOT-Elon Musk is a complex, often misunderstood or maligned, crazy brilliant innovator. He is not just a “visionary” (sees the future). Musk is a Vision Master (makes it happen). How does he do it? This week’s topic is about the women that Not-Elon […]

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not elon 2 hero image

The “NOT” Elon Musk Interview – Part 2

By Robert Steven Kramarz / August 29, 2020

This is the second in a series of “Not’ interviews with famous innovators. These interviews are many things. Unique, memorable, and designed to be packed with insights. To be a “Not “personality, the speaker must be exceptionally well versed about their innovator. To prepare, the speaker must listen to interviews, study their impact on innovation, […]

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Not Elon Musk

The “Not” Elon Musk Interview – Part 1

By Robert Steven Kramarz / August 20, 2020

This is the first in a series of “Not’ interviews with famous innovators. These interviews are special. They require our Not speaker to be exceptionally well versed about their character. The speaker must listen to numerous interviews or read extensively about the person they are emulating so they not only know them but so that […]

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