Nick Brown Testimonial

Nick Brown Testimonial

Nick Brown’s company: Clear Purchase provides high-level systems design services for micro-finance institutions serving emerging economies with low-income populations, primarily based on a software platform provided by the Gates Foundation.


Hi. I’m Nick Brown, the founder of Clear Purchase. We are building new financial infrastructure for developing countries, specifically designed for the poorest people on this planet. I met Rob a while ago, and right from the beginning, it was clear just how much he understood about entrepreneurship. Most interestingly, right from the beginning was the distinction between the roles of vision master and execution master and why it is so important for the people filling those roles to work well together. When he strongly suggested that I start an active advisory team, I was grateful that he agreed to be a part of it, and we are so much further along now as a result of the advice that he’s given. I would strongly recommend every entrepreneur listen to everything that Rob says. Thank you.

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